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Contact Learning Resources


Learning Resources - CONTACT US

Learning Resources Program Manager:

Amy Windus, 716-376-8285,

Secretary: Leigh Leyva, 716-376-8272,


Math, Science, Technology (MST) Training:

Clay Nolan, 716-376-8354, (CoSer 521)

Digital Star lab: Clay Nolan, 716-376-8354,

Ordering Science Kits: Leigh Leyva, 716-376-8272,


Environmental Education Lessons:

Lance Feuchter, 716-376-8279, (CoSer 416)


Distance Learning, Moodle, Online Learning, Video Conference, Zoom:

Karen Insley (CoSer 420)

Virtual Field Trips:

Carrie Wagner, 716-376-8270,

Online Courses:

Christina McGee, 716-376-8302,

Distance Learning Immediate Technical Assistance: 716-376-8240


Streaming Media, Castle Learning, Study Island, Reading Eggs Training:

Alex Freer, 716-376-8260, (CoSer 501)

Insignia Account/Streaming Media and Ordering, Format Conversion:

Rachelle Evans, 716-376-8212,


Professional Library:

Cecelia Fuoco, 716-376-8206, (CASLS)

Inter-Library Loan, Ordering Library Books:

Catherine Dunkleman, 716-376-8245, 



Cecelia Fuoco, 716-376-8206, (CoSer 510)