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CoSer Descriptions

 Learning Resources CoSer Descriptions

CoSer 521 MST 

(Math, Science, & Technology)

CoSer 416

Environmental Education

This service provides high quality and effective educational kit resources for Mathematics, Science and Technology and for the elementary science and health curriculum.  The educational kits support teachers in the delivery of NYS core learning experiences to their students.  The service provides:

  1. Elementary Science and Mathematics Kits
  2. Elementary Health Kits - My Body My Health Kits
  3. Teacher and student manuals
  4. Correlations to NYS MST, Health standards and the coming Next Generation Science Standards
  5. Teacher training and direct classroom support
  6. Instructional Media
  7. Assessment Training
  8. Web-based support
  9. Web links

The Environmental Education service offers exciting hands-on learning experiences in environmental and natural science for Pre-K to 12th grade students.  Participating districts gain access to powerful programs that directly correlate with NYS core curriculum, learning standards and assessments.  Schools receive updated program informational annually.  These programs are delivered on-site in individual districts.  The highly engaging hands-on learning experiences focus on:

  1. Energy flow in the environment
  2. Recycling materials and inter-relationships of life on Earth
  3. Respecting our natural world and taking care of our planet
  4. Food/energy webs, habitats, astronomy, mammals, pond life
  5. Applying population data loggers and scientific test equipment

This service also facilitates overnight camps and field trips.

 Coser 501 Media

(Educational Communications)

CoSer 420

Distance Learning

The best quality and educationally sound 21st century materials are brought to you in this K-12 service.  Subscriptions to Online Assessment Programs are provided and Digital Content is delivered to the classroom and beyond utilizing broadband, 24 hours per day and seven days per week.  A wide variety of digital content is obtained and managed through this service.  In addition to digital content, there is a wide variety of materials available, such as:

  1. Robotics Kits
  2. Coding Kits
  3. Informational texts 
  4. Leveled readers
  5. Multiple copies of books
  6. Author Study Kits
  7. Unit Book Kits
  8. Basic Buddy CPR Mannequins
  9. Playaway Audio Books
  10. Curriculum kits
  11. DVDs
  12. Model Kits
  13. Equipment (Go Pro, Mutimedia Headsets, Tripods, Webcams, Wireless Receivers, Snowball and Label Microphones, Swivl, Digital Cameras)
  14. Realcare Baby Think it Over
and more.
Format conversion of files and lamination is also provided.  A staff specialist is available to work with teachers in groups or one-on-one in the classroom.  This staff specialist assists with technology and curriculum integration of the resources.

Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES offers an extensive array of distance learning (DL) opportunities for students of all ages. Synchronous or real time learning incorporates live, full motion, videoconferencing DL sessions.  Asynchronous, or any time-any place learning, incorporates self-paced, Internet-based, DL courses.  Participating districts share in services that provide:

  1. Identification, coordination, and facilitation of educational distance learning programming
  2. Support of student/faculty for DL courses
  3. On-going coordination/scheduling of DL sessions, including virtual field trips, videoconferencing, and global experiences
  4. Cooperative purchasing of videoconferencing equipment
  5. Technical assistance and maintenance of videoconferencing systems
  6. Credit accrual and recovery through online learning with a NYS certified teacher assisting students in keeping pace
  7. Training and support for Moodle, an online learning management system. Training and support for Mahara, an electronic portfolio for students and teachers. 
  8. Connecting students and staff using Adobe Connect or CMA Desktop Polycoms
  9. A staff specialist facilitating professional development for teachers


CoSer 510


This service provides staff and students with online datbases.  It includes collections of periodicals, newspaper and reference resources, which support instruction and information needs. It provides equitable access to information through cooperative purchases. Valuable instruction time is saved because trial subscriptions to databases are given. 


Cattaraugus Allegany School Library System

 Professional development for librarians and teachers is provided including best practice in cyber safety, literacy, research, common core standards and the 21st century learner.