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CTE Center at Olean Posts Honor Rolls for 4th Quarter

Mr. Stephen Dieteman, Principal of Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean, announces the following students are on the Honor Roll for the Fourth Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year . . .

First Year High Honor Roll [92-100% average]

Animal Science – Kirsten Burton, Portville; Garrett Chase, Olean; Lydia Hendrix, Olean; Cecilia Ruszkowski, Olean; Savanna Wilson, Hinsdale; Dakota Yehl, Hinsdale

Cosmetology - Corissa Cousins, Portville; Katelynn Miller, Allegany-Limestone

Criminal Justice - Dylan Booker, Allegany-Limestone; Kailey Rowland, Hinsdale

Culinary Arts - Victoria Irons, Adult; Robin Merritt, Adult; Eric Perkins, Portville; Deborah Scott, Adult; Denise Turner, Adult

Early Childhood/Human Services - Amelia Mascioni, Allegany-Limestone

Medical Professions – Kaitlynn Ensell, Olean; Makayla Perez-Morales, Hinsdale; Keegan Rowland, Hinsdale; Shannen Stein, Portville

Product Design and Manufacturing -  Malachi Cleveland, Allegany-Limestone; Nolan Hurlburt, Olean; Jason Karroach, Allegany-Limestone; Jonah Meacham, Allegany-Limestone

First Year Honor Roll [85-91.9% average]

Animal Science - Summer Bunker, Olean; Allen Kenjockety, Hinsdale; Maggie Swartwout, Portville

Audio Visual Production - Sayber Cashimere, Olean; Dustyn Green, Allegany-Limetone; Kyle Griffin, Allegany-Limestone; Charles Struble, Hinsdale; Emma Valentin, Olean; Sylvan Withey, Olean

Automotive Technology - Derek Mikolajczyk, Portville

Cosmetology - Cierra James, Allegany-Limestone; Mary Jenks, Adult

Criminal Justice - Chad Carlson, Allegany-Limestone; Nicholas Jones, Allegany-Limestone; Kaitlynn Roberson, Hinsdale; Neleha Wiedemann, Portville

Early Childhood/Human Services - Gabriella Carmona, Allegany-Limestone; Sydnie Ellman, Olean; Ainslie Gardner, Portville; Cassandra Hurd, Allegany-Limestone; Julie Kuhn, Portville; Parker Page, Portville; Rieley Scott, Olean; Arielle Vaughn, Olean

Media Communications Technology - Makenzie Rossman, IJN

Medical Professions - Damani Crolle, Olean; Kaitlen Darcy, Hinsdale; Gage Gardner, Olean; Harlee Howard, Portville; Kelly Karnuth, Portville; Madison Kirby, Olean; Dylan Main, Portville; Magnus Mason, Allegany-Limestone; Gabrielle Pasquale, Portville; Michael Stillman, Portville; Paige Tomljenovich, Hinsdale

Product Design and Manufacturing - Alek Shubert, Olean

Second Year Program - High Honor Roll [92-100% average]

Animal Science - Sydnee Ganoung, Allegany-Limestone; Natalie Price, Allegany-Limestone; Destynie Stanton, Allegany-Limestone

Audio Visual Production - Anderson Phillips, Portville; Sydney Stringer, Portville

Automotive Technology - Daniel Crum, Olean; Hunter Faulkner, Portville

Cosmetology - Angela Havens, Olean; Abby Irvin, Allegany-Limestone; Elizabeth Miller, Portville; John Perry, Olean; Meagan Ruggles, Portville; Hailey Stout, Portville; Grace Witter, Olean

Early Childhood/Human Services - Jordan Sands, Hinsdale

Media Communications Technology - Logan Funden, Portville; Lauren Schifley, Allegany-Limestone

Medical Professions - Megan Jozwiak, Hinsdale

New Vision-Health Professions -  Louisa Benatovich, Ellicottville; Matthew Droney, Olean; Alice Li, Allegany-Limestone; Sierra Maybee, Ellicottville; Hira Mirza, Olean; Filip Morawski, Olean; Kaitlyn Patrone, Olean; Alivia Schoening, Olean; Cameron Spring, Alleany-Limestone; Erin Washburn, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Arianna Wolfer, Franklinville; Shianne Woodgie, Allegany-Limestone

Product Design and Manufacturing - John Vail, Adult

Second Year Program - Honor Roll [85-91.9% average]

Animal Science - Indiana Brundage, Portville; Trinity Collett, Hinsdale

Audio Visual Production - Dustin Cory, Hinsdale; Veronica Ferry, Olean; Dalton Griffin, Allegany-Limestone; Mickey Jordan, Olean; Henry Schauer, Portville; Jazlynn Sullivan, Olean

Automotive Technology - Brodie Austin, Allegany-Limestone; Julie Beard, Portville; Cole Butterbaugh, Olean; Dylan Fox, Portville; Jacob Hathaway, Olean; Steven Isenberg, Olean; Dominic Lockwood, Portville; Torry Stives, Olean

Cosmetology – Avianna Howell, Olean; Keyonna Link, Olean

Culinary Arts - Korry Keis, Olean; Anna Mascioni, Allegany-Limestone

Early Childhood/Human Services – Deziray Deckman, Hinsdale; Jade Laurich, Portville; Megan Michienzi, Olean; Noah Pullins, Portville

Media Communications Technology - Isaiah George, Olean; Erica Taylor, Big Picture; Devin Wesley, Olean

Medical Professions - Megan Bailey, Allegany-Limestone; Leesa Blinn, Portville; Destiny Carro, Portville; Hunter Deyoe, Portville; Jenna Lipka, Hinsdale; Paige Ogden, Hinsdale; Gage Reiss, Olean; Kourtney Sammons, Allegany-Limestone

New Visions-Health Professions - MacKenzie Aderman, Allegany-Limestone; Brennan Finn, Ellicottville

Product Design and Manufacturing - Cameron Carey, Hinsdale; Christopher Decker, Hinsdale; Casey Evans, Hinsdale; Nicholas McRae, Portville