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Superintendent's Office

Michelle Spasiano, District Superintendent and CEO


The District Superintendent is an employee of the State Education Department and is the area representative of the New York State Commissioner of Education. The District Superintendent serves in an advisory capacity for all 22 component school districts in the Cattaraugus, Allegany, Erie, Wyoming Sole Supervisory District. She also acts as a consultant for individual districts and as a liaison between districts and the State Education Department.


Mrs. Colleen Jimerson, Secretary to the District Superintendent and District Clerk
Phone: (716) 376-8255: FAX: (716) 376-8452

School Superintendent Searches
The District Superintendent is available to assist component District Boards of Education in developing selection criteria, screening candidates, and determining finalists for the position of Superintendent of Schools when requested.


Consultation and Coordination

The District Superintendent is available to consult with school districts on a variety of educational issues and coordinate the resulting activities and programs. Topics may include:

  • Academic Performance/School Report Cards
  • Commissioner's Regulations and Procedures
  • Board/Administration Relationships
  • Programs for the Handicapped
  • Superintendent and Board Performance Appraisals
  • Superintendents' In-Service and Professional Growth
  • Management and Planning
  • School Boundaries
  • Occupational Education
  • Superintendent Contracts
  • Reorganization and Merger
  • Legislation and Policy Actions

In providing consultant services, the District Superintendent is able to call upon the resources of the State Education Department and the BOCES professional staff.


Liaison Activities

The District Superintendent is available to:

  • Facilitate communication between districts and the State Education Department, as well as other public and private agencies.
  • Interpret and clarify Education Law, Commissioner's Regulations, and other policies that have an impact on education in the region.

Note - There are no charges for the services of the District Superintendent. However, mailing and advertisement costs for superintendent searches must be paid by the district requesting the search service.