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Health Careers


DENTAL ASSISTING - One-year, part-time class (Tuesday and Thursday evenings; every other Saturday) begins April 30, 2019 at the CTE Center at Olean. A 200-hour internship is held at local dental offices. (620 hours). Private loan eligibility is available.

NURSE AIDE/HOME HEALTH AIDE - Five-week classes begin July 29, 2019, October 7, 2019, January 13, 2020, March 17, 2020 and May 5, 2020 at the CTE Center at Olean.  (142 hours)

MEDICAL INSURANCE AND BILLING - A nineteen-week class begins on September 18, 2019 on Wednesday evenings at the CTE Center at Olean (57 hours)  

MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTING - Seventeen-week class (Tuesday and Thursday evenings) begins September 17, 2019 at the CTE Center at Olean . (102 hours)

PHLEBOTOMY - Fifteen-week class (Monday and Wednesday evenings) begins September 9, 2019 at the CTE Center at Olean . Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to apply for certification through the American Society for Clinical Pathology. (163 hours)

PRACTICAL NURSING - Two-year, part-time programs begin September 3, 2019 at the CTE Center at Olean and CTE Center at Belmont.  Pre-entrance testing required. The Practical Nursing program offers the opportunity for adult students to practice patient-centered nursing care of all age groups.  Nursing theory and patient care lab skills taught in the classroom are combined with a supervised clinical experience to develop a knowledgeable competent nurse.  Courses included in this program are Fundamental Skills, Structure and Function of the Human Body, Pharmacology, Growth and Development, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pediatric and Maternity Nursing. The program is registered by the New York State Education Department for 1,300 hours of combined academic and clinical instruction. The program prepares the student for admission to the state licensing examination.  Additional requirements for Pennsylvania Licensure. 


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2019 BOCES Practical Nursing Graduates

BOCES graduates pictured left to right:   

Front row - Lorice F. McKenzie, Coudersport, PA; Megan A. Billings, Wellsville, NY; Chelsey L. Hoopes, Friendship, NY; Devin M. Jacobs, Wellsville, NY; Alicia N. Accurso, Olean, NY; Monica L. Callahan, Bradford, PA; Kara N. Cole, Portville, NY; Tonya M. Stanford, Olean, NY; Becca L. Schwab, Eldred, PA; Heather M. Rounsville, Olean, NY; Laura J. Balcerzak, Hinsdale, NY 

Back row - Melissa R. Wlasniewski, Andover, NY; Jessica E. Wilson, Belmont, NY; Jonnie R. Stuck, Friendship, NY; Kaitlyn R. Anderson, Scio, NY; Ashlyn K. Matteson, Wellsville, NY; Jessica R. Salmonson, Wellsville, NY; Heather M. Anderson, Scio, NY; Lisa M. Gariepy, Bradford, PA; Cortney J. Taylor-Cornelius, Black Creek, NY