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Communications Services Group

Effective communication is vital to any school's success. Quality communication takes people, time and money - all resources, which are constantly shrinking in every school. That's why the BOCES has created services (COSER 602) that enable school districts to be one step ahead in developing greater community understanding and support for their educational goals. The Communication Services Group can provide experienced communications specialists who can plan and implement comprehensive programs to promote a positive public image of your school.  

What we can do for our component schools . . .

District Newsletter Editor (COSER #: 602)

A district newsletter remains at the very core of any contemporary school public relations effort. Studies by the National School Public Relations Association show that parents rate the school newsletter as their most important source of information, second only to what their children say about school.

Working with district staff, who supply stories and photos, a BOCES specialist acts as the editor for each school's monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. The publications are laid out using a desktop publishing system and sent "camera-ready" to our digital press. Bulk mailing can also be handled through BOCES, but these costs do not qualify for additional aid (see COSERS 602.010 and 602.020 below). As a value-added service, the district can also obtain an electronic version of the newsletter for posting on the school's website.

A typical newsletter is 8-12 pages. Oversized issues are billed appropriately. Discounts are available to subscribing districts that have a single contact person and/or submit all copy on disk.

District Newsletter Postage (COSER #: 602.010)

Postage charges for mailing district newsletters and annual calendars are accounted for under this COSER. Schools are billed directly for their actual postage costs.

District Newsletter Bulk Mailing Preparation (COSER #: 602.020)

Charges for bulk mailing preparation of district newsletters and annual calendars are accounted for under this COSER. Costs are based upon the actual number of newsletters prepared for bulk mailing and delivery charges to the appropriate post office. Schools are billed directly for their actual bulk mailing preparation costs.

Publication Development (COSER #: 602.100)

Desktop computers are wonderful tools, but producing quality print pieces requires more than just hardware. Quality demands time, experience and often the varied skills of a BOCES' communications specialist.

Communication Services can support or fully provide:

  • Budget campaign materials
  • Special bond vote publications
  • Reports and surveys
  • Brochures
  • Directories and handbooks

Public Information Coordinator (COSER #: 602.200)

A shared specialist is assigned to work in your district up to three days per week throughout the school year to ensure a consistent and professional communications program. This service is ideal for districts that have made a commitment to improve communications as part of a strategic plan, or that have an ongoing public relations concern. The specialist will carefully analyze the public information needs of a district and work closely with administrators to structure an effective public relations plan that addresses concerns within their community.

To contact the Communication Services Team please call:

  • John Gethicker, Staff Specialist, 376-8271
  • Lisa Nianiatus, Staff Specialist, 376-8289
  • Kim Survil, Senior Graphic Artist, 376-8351
  • Andy Moot, Digital Printing Technician, 376-8283
  • Ashley Gleason, Graphic Artist, 376-8426
  • Rick Chapman, Print Operator, 376-8269
  • Jennifer Rickert, Graphic Artist, 376-8413