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Instructional Support Services


Instructional Support Services is made up of over 25 different cooperative services organized into three main programming areas:

Teacher Programs, Learning Resources, and Student Programming.

Our mission is to support the educational community, leaders, teachers, and students, of Cattaraugus and Allegany Counites by arming all learners with the most current educational resources and contemporary pedagogical understanding so all learners will be competitive in a connected, global, economic, and cultural society.

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Cattauraugus Allegany BOCES proudly offers over 1300 annual professional development sessions with classrooms teachers and regional educational leaders.  All our Professional Development COSER's work together to provide high quality training and facilitation on various topics, as well as Regional Scoring, the Curriculum Forum, and the Technology Coordinator/Integrator Forum (TCIF).  Access our Calendar of Events for offerings hosted in the region and also feel free to contact anyone on our staff to plan and implement professional development at your school.  Please contact Tim Clarke, Program Manager for Professional Development, for more details: 716-376-8321 or
Students and teachers have access to hundreds of thousands of high quality resources through our Learning Resources COSER's.  Search our database for Science Kits, digital and media resources, books and curriculum resources.  SNAP provides students and teacher 24/7 access to hundreds of thousands of media resources.  Our Distance and Online Learning Team is a thought leader in New York State in bringing hundreds of courses to students in our region.  From lamination services to star labs, and Environmental Education to video conference connections, our Learning Resource Team is ready to assist.  Please contact Amy Windus, Program Manager for Learning Resources, for more details: 716-376-8285 or
COSER's in our Student Programming department work together to bring incredible student experiences to students in our region.  Lego League, Odyssey of the Mind, and Scholastic Challenge give hundreds of students opportunities to stretch the mind and thrive in student competition.  The Arts in Education and Enrichment COSER's bring culture and arts alive in learning with events like County Government, the Buffalo Philharmonic, and TheatreWorks productions.  Our programming also provides students with a second chance at the region's Academic Summer School.  Please contact Mary Morris, Program Manager for Student Programming, for more details: 716-376-8284 or

BOCES Center at Olean
1825 Windfall Road
Olean NY 14760-9303
Phone 716-376-8227; FAX 716-376-8430


Tim Cox, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services Programs - 716-376-8247
Mary Gilbert, Administrative Secretary to the Director - 716-376-8227


The Barn, Windfall

1825 Windfall Road, Olean, NY 14760


Professional Development

Tim Clarke, Program Manager for Professional Development - 716-376-8321
Kathleen Agnello, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8334
Mark Carls, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8295
Anne Cater, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8382
Lesa Dionne, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8355
Karen Insley, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-492-9412 
Tessa Levitt, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8286
Anne Mitchell, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8304
Jillian Putnam, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8301
Colleen Root, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8381 
Lauren Stuff, Professional Development Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8306
Arlena Jimerson, Educational Materials Aide - 716-376-8334
Laurie Sledge, Data Integration Technician - 716-376-8357

Student Programming

Mary Morris, Program Manager for Student Programming - 716-376-8284
Jean Oliverio, Counselor, Integraton Arts/X Curricular Events - 716-376-8323
John Padlo, County Government Teacher - 716-376-8202
Sara Benjamin, Keyboard Specialist - 716-376-8208



Southern Tier West

4039 Rte 219, Salamanca, NY 14779


Tim Clarke, Program Manager for Professional Development - 716-376-8321
Rob Griffith, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8273
Brendan Keiser, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8230
Rick Weinberg, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8280
Sarah Wittmeyer, Professional Development / Curriculum Coordinator - 716-376-8331
Linda Gogel, Keyboard Specialist - 716-376-8240


Learning Resources at St. Bonaventure

182 East Union Street, Allegany, NY 14706


Amy Windus, Program Manager for Learning Resources - 716-376-8285
Alexandra Freer, Staff Specialist for Digital Resources - 716-376-8260
Karen Insley, Staff Specialist for Distance Learning - 716-376-8281
Clay Nolan, Staff Specialist, Math, Science, & Technology - 716-376-8354
Cece Fuoco, Staff Specialist & School Library System Director - 716-376-8206
Lance Feuchter, Environmental Education Teacher - 716-376-8279
TBA, Distance Learning Teacher - 716-376-8221
Christina McGee, Distance Learning Teacher - 716-376-8302
Rachelle Evans, Digital Resources Support Specialist - 716-376-8212
Carrie Oliver, Distance Learning Support Specialist - 716-376-8270
Leigh Leyva, Keyboard Specialist - 716-376-8272
Cathy Dunkleman, Keyboard Specialist - 716-376-8245
Hal Francis, Educational Materials Aide - 716-376-8296
Dale Cummings, Educational Materials Aide - 716-376-8303
Tiffany Turner, Educational Materials Aide - 716-376-8288
Richard Putt, Courier - 716-560-6503


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