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Collaborative Ideas in Relation to Common Core

Some teachers have said they do not have time for videoconference connections with their class because of the new common core learning standards.  However, if one were to look deeply at the intent and spirit of the common core learning standards, videoconference collaborations have never been a more powerful way to target the learning standards for your grade level.  

For example look at these standards:

Grade K Speaking and Listening Standard 1 - "Seek to communicate with individuals with different cultural backgrounds."

Grade 3 Listening and Speaking Standard 3 - "Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering elaboration and details."

Grade 4 Writing Standard 8 - "Recall relevant information for experiences or gather information from digital sources; take notes and categorize information..."

Grade 5 Writing Standard 6 - "...Use technology to interact and collaborate with others and produce and publish writing ..."

Listed below are some popular examples and calendar of events of what is happening across New York State and how we are meeting the common core learning standards though videoconference connections. . Click below for more information or email

 For more information about each NYS collaboration, click on the links below:

NYS Distance Learning Collaboration Brochure

NYS Distance Learning Career Connections Brochure