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Information About Virtual Field Trips


 Field Trip Zoom Zone

*Free to districts in the Distance Learning CoSer 420

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How to get started with Field Trip Zoom


Free Trips

  and many, many more!

Fee Based Trips

and many, many more!

Below are examples of just some of upcoming trips.  There are many more you can choose from beyond this calendar. Virtual Field Trips can help students travel around the world, into space, and even back in time. Virtual field trips and collaborations can heighten students’ motivation, memory retention, and improve communication and presentation skills.  The visual connection and interaction leaves a distinct impression and provides a forum for a greater connection with the outside world. 

Calendar of Upcoming Trips


What does a virtual field trip look like?  The videos listed below are examples of interactive conferences from the Mote Marine Laboratory and the Center for Puppetry Arts.



Mote Marine Laboratory

Center for Puppetry Arts

Looking for a virtual field trip?  Please use the Virtual Field Trip Search to find your topic of choice.  Need to know what to do before, during, and after a videoconference?  Please refer to the Tips for Teachers Checklist and the Protocol for Students links for more information.

After you find a virtual field trip that interests you, please Schedule a Virtual Field Trip or contact Carrie Oliver, Distance Learning Support Specialist at 716-376-8270