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COSER 300's Itinerant Teachers

Instructional Support Services provides a wide range of itinerant teaching services in the non-core academic areas.  Districts who request itinerant services share a teacher up to a 60% FTE (3 full days per week per teacher).  The costs are distributed to schools based on the amount of service time requested from each of the shared districts.  BOCES is responsible for the hiring, supervision, and evaluation of all itinerant staff.  Please contact Mary Morris for more information: 716-376-8284 or
Current Itinerant Teacher Assignments for 2018-19
COSER 301: Bi-Lingual/ ESL
COSER 302: Family and Consumer Science
COSER 307: Art
COSER 312: Music
COSER 314: Driver Education
COSER 317: Library/Media Specialist
COSER 328: Technology
Two requesting schools are required in order to utilize these COSER's.   

Additional Itinerant COSER’s allowable by the State Education Department could include: Foreign Language, Advanced English, Advanced Math, Advanced Science, Advanced Social Studies, Occupationally Related, Theater, Gifted and Talented, Math Intervention, Science Intervention, Social Social Studies Intervention, Math Intervention, Remedial Reading, Pre-Kindergarten Itinerant, Secondary Remediation, Occupationally Related Mathematics, Theater, Dance.


 2017-18 Forms for Itinerant Teachers - Employee Use Only

Mileage Claim Procedures

Mileage Claim Form

Sample - Completed Milage Claim Form

Link to MyLearningPlan

Framework for Teaching Placement

Conference Attendance Request Form

Absence Leave Request Form

Personal Day Request Form

Unpaid Day Request Form

Time Sheet Daily-Hourly Form

Cancer Screening Form

Cancer Screening Policy

Work Related Injury Report Form