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Teaching is the Core

Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES has been awarded $374,324 through a “Teaching is the Core” grant from New York State Education Department, funded through New York’s federal Race to the Top resources.   The 13 districts served through this grant include Allegany-Limestone, Andover, Cuba-Rushford, Genesee Valley, Hinsdale, Olean, Pioneer, Portville, Randolph Academy, Salamanca, Scio, West Valley and Wellsville.
The primary purpose of this grant is to improve the quality of all educational assessments, while also reducing the number of assessments that do not contribute to teaching and learning.  In addition, this grant can help districts identify and/or develop high-quality assessments already in use for instructional or other curricular purposes that can simultaneously be used for Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) purposes.

  Teaching is the Core Implementation Plan
 September 26; October 23; December 10, 2014
 CA BOCES Instructional Support Services and Learning Centered Initiative, Ltd will provide each member district with professional development, support and feedback as they conduct a thorough assessment review and create an action plan to target specific content areas and/or grade levels in need of better assessments that are valid, reliable, diversified and balanced, and have an impact on instruction.
 January 13; January 14; March 3; May 8; May 28, June 15
Each district will assign staff members to be a part of a design team that will engage in professional development to learn in-depth information on quality assessment design, performance-based tasks, and strategies to increase the rigor and authenticity of classroom assessments.  The design team will implement the action plan that resulted from the district audit and either modify existing assessments or design new assessments to replace assessments that do not meet the TitC grant requirements.
 June 8; June 9
These 2 dates will be focused on “Looking at Student Work” in alignment with the criteria for quality assessment design. 
Jan 26; Jan 27; Feb 9; Feb 23; Feb 24; March 24; March 25; April 7; April 13; April 15
The grant will also provide 10 days of “Quality Assessment Design” training for teachers in specific content areas to build district capacity beyond the design team.  Content areas include Art, Music, Mathematics, ELA, Science, PE/Health, Languages Other Than English, K-2, Special Education, English Language Learners, Social Studies and Technology.


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