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COSER 402 County Government Intern Program

What is the function of local government?

How do the responsibilities of county government compare with that of local and federal government?

Who are the "players" involved in operating all facets of county government?

In the County Government Intern Program, high school junior and seniors meet weekly - over a course of a semester,  with legislators, department heads, and various committee members to deepen their understanding of all components of local government.  Under the guidance of the County Government teacher, the students interact with County officials as they learn about the function of county government, the procedures for introducing new legislation, and the roles of the various departments in each branch.  In the final activity for the program, the students apply what they have learned as they conduct their own mock legislative session to introduce and vote on their own resolutions.  For more than forty years, the County Government Intern Program has supported by the BOCES component districts, Cattaraugus County and Allegany County Legislatures and the NYS Division for Youth.

For more information, please contact John Butler, County Government Teacher @ (716) 376-8202 or email: