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COSER 402 Exploratory Enrichment District Shared Events 2018-19

Exploratory Enrichment (COSER 402)
The Exploratory Enrichment service allows districts to share programs and experiences that happen outside the regular school experience.  The the COSER Guidelines below for more details.  These expereince could include anti-bullying/character education presentations, the Challenger Learning Center, the Zoo, Science Museums, Ropes Courses, education trips to NYC, Gettysburg, Boston, Washington DC, etc. Two or more district match and CA BOCES Board approval is required for in-district events.

Districts participating in this service may select students to participate in the Allegany County or Cattaraugus County Intern Program.  The County Government Student Intern Program is a hands-on learning experience for high school seniors that exposes them to the processes of county government.

In the County Government Intern Program, high school junior and seniors meet weekly - over a course of a semester,  with legislators, department heads, and various committee members to deepen their understanding of all components of local government.  Under the guidance of the County Government teacher, the students interact with County officials as they learn about the function of county government, the procedures for introducing new legislation, and the roles of the various departments in each branch.  In the final activity for the program, the students apply what they have learned as they conduct their own mock legislative session to introduce and vote on their own resolutions.  For more than forty years, the County Government Intern Program has supported by the BOCES component districts, Cattaraugus County and Allegany County Legislatures and the NYS Division for Youth.

For more information, please contact John Butler, County Government Teacher @ (716) 376-8202 or email:

COSER Guidelines:

  • The event/experience must be a "program" that "exceeds or is different from content offerings found in standard courses" and aligned to Learning Standards.

  • Activities may NOT be scheduled on weekends.

  • Food, lodging, and transportation costs are NOT eligible for BOCES aid. 

  • Admission tickets are NOT eligible for BOCES aid.

  • There must be a share between at least two districts.  Once two districts have requested the event/experience, any other district may join.

  • Activities may NOT generate school or college credit.

  • Costs of using specialized facilities are eligible for BOCES aid.

  • Events hosted within districts must be approved by the CA BOCES Board of Education.

  • Provide 6-8 weeks of time before the date of the event for processing paperwork.

  • A lesson plan, aligned with Learning Standards, must be included with your request.


  • Contact Mary Morris, Program Manager for Student Programs, for assistance ( or 716-376-8284).


Program Staff:

Mary Morris, Program Manager

John Butler, Teacher

Sara Benjamin, Keyboard Specialist