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Resources for Staff

This page has files that are readily accessible to staff members.

Do not modify forms after downloading.

If there other forms you would like to see here, then let us know.


 Click here to open BOCES Teacher Handbook.doc (File size: 609KB )


List of BOCES electronic forms for staff use:



Classified (Teacher Aide) Evaluation


Daily/Weekly Schedule


End of Year Checklist- Related Service Providers


End of Year Checklist- Teachers


Field Trip - Electronic Request Form





Physical Intervention Report 



Request for Change in IEP Form


Click here to open REFERRAL FOR EVALUATION OF RELATED SERVICES.doc (File size: 49.


Click here to open Meeting attendance form.doc (File size: 28KB )


Click here to open Meeting - Sign in Sheet - Blank.doc (File size: 35.5KB )

Please note - For auditing purposes, the forms below will still require signatures. They will have to be printed and signed. Typewritten signatures will not be accepted. The forms with typewritten signatures will be returned which may cause delays to paychecks.



Hourly Time Sheet